Day's with Tyrone

"all I can see in her eyes was fear,but all I could do was tell her evreything will be ok even if I didn't know if we would be ok."
The world is ending and a couple Blake and Alisha let in a guest named Tyrone,And as days go by *or at least two days* Blake documents in his journal the events that happened to Tyrone.

Day one with Tyrone

It all happened on the day where everyone was watching the meteor hit the moon. Then it all went downhill from there. Both of us was at the high school watching the moon,We were having a good time like everyone else. Then the panic started coming,the fear overwhelmed us all. Alisha and I started running to my house.When get to my house,and all we can see out my window is people running and screaming.Me and Alisha look at eatchother all I can see in her eyes was fear,but all I could do was tell her evreything will be ok even if I didn’t know if we would be ok.

Bang!Bang!Bang! We hear at the door,opening to see Tyrone all he could say was that he needed a crib to stay at.As Alisha yells from the back come on in all is welcome.Tyrone walks in asking what yall got to eat,I give him an odd look saying we got our “lion belt”for food and protection,that is why me and Alisha are still alive.Tyrone Gives us a confused look “Lion belt”’? He says curiously.Alisha stops Tyrone and tells him that “this lion belt may seem silly,but it is what will keep us safe.”Tyrone nods saying that “cool man whatever floats your boat”,right as we get ready for bed.

Day two with tyrone

Six days have gone by now,sorry I haven’t wrote in my journal much it’s just Tyrone stole my journal because I stole his chicken,but so far all that has happnned is fights between Alisha and Tyrone over things simple as where to sleep and who eats what.Then all a sudden we hear a sound like beams outside and see three aliens on the lawn.They knock down our door looking at evreyone they the aliens asked for Tyrone.Then all a sudden he wanted to tell us something he starts to tell us how it all wen’t down “Well I was outside the day of the meteor hit the moon,when all a sudden I saw something was the aliens.The aliens didn’t like they way I was talking to them,they said i was rude and my words were very incorrect.Making me mad,so I threw some rocks at them not realizing the aliens had lazer guns.At that is how I met you guys.
Me and Alisha look at Tyrone saying “their is no way they can defeate them so we have to give them what they want”.Tyrone is confused asking why don’t you use your “lion belt”?Having to tell him that the aliens have stolen the belt,but infact me and Alisha just don’t like Tyrone.As Tyrone walks away into their space craft the aliens turn and ask for one more,as I slowly pulled out my “lion belt” whitch Turned me into a lion vigrously attacking one of the aliens as we see Tyrone on the space craft in shock as the rest of the aliens flee off in their craft.Leaving me and Alisha for the next chapter in our book.

The End

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