The Conflict

The story of a best friend and a boyfriend arguing for who cares most..

Have you ever just needed to scream? You had so much emotion built up inside you that you just needed to let it out and go crazy?

Faith sat there with the same feeling inside as she sat down at her desk, diary out and pen in hand ready to write the latest entry. She didn't however, know what she wanted to write. Given the choice, she would happily rip the book apart and burn it.

She wasn't naturally destructive, just angry.

Turning the pages back to 5 months ago, she saw where it had all started. An early entry, starting happily:

'Hey Diary!
I made a new friend today. I know, for a year 10 that sounds really weird and sad. But he's really cool. His name is Sam, he's in my year and hangs out with a few of my friends...'

It went on to describe Sam. Since then he had become a really good friend, the best she'd ever had. The words now seemed alien to her though, as anger again rose up like bile in her throat. She flipped forward, and found a new entry:


You'll never guess what, Diary. You know the guy I like, Jack? Well he asked me out! I can't believe it, I'm finally his girlfriend...'

She quickly flipped away, embarrassed at her previous enthusiasm. She admitted quietly to herself, that happiness still re-flamed every time she saw Jack.

But they were both the problem. Sam and Jack. Originally, she hadn't given it a second thought, until they both got closer. Sam, a better friend, Jack, more serious and attached to each other.

But the closer one got, the angrier the other got. And now it had come to this. Staring back down at her phone, she winced at the two flashing messages. A text from each one, both questioning the others thoughts. She couldn't take this constant fighting for much longer.

Something had to be done.

The End

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