Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 30Mature

“Look at it.” He said to her.
She turned and looked out of toward the sky as they climbed higher. “It’s beautiful.” she said, reaching out with one hand. “But you know you have to do it.” She said, her arm still out of the aircraft, touching the sky.
“Do what?” Mackenzie asked as he held her.
“You have to let me go Mackenzie.” she said, turning back to him. “You can’t save me, and they’ll never help you if they know what I am.”
“You can take your masks off if you want.” Yelled one of the planes crewmen, “The cordyceps doesn’t come this far up.”
Cordelia pushed Mackenzies mask up off his face and let her hand glide down his cheek as it returned to his shoulder. “Thank you.” she said, as tears began to stream down her face, being pulled wildly in every direction from the gusts of wind entering the plane. “I’m glad you didn’t let me die in the station, but you have to let me die here, you have to let me go. My death is now truly...”
Mackenzie interrupted, “I know Cordelia. Long overdue. Look at me.” He said.
She stared into his eyes. “I’m ready.”
“I’m not.” He replied.
“Then I’m sorry.” She said as she came close and kissed him on the lips. “Goodbye.”
Mackenzie took in a deep breath and loosened his grip on her. She rolled herself away from him and fell from his grasp. The crewman yelled something and grabbed Mackenzies shoulder, but his eyes were still closed and he heard nothing over his sobs as tears fell into the blanket that remained in his clutch.
The Osprey flew on into the evening twilight over the landscape littered with abandoned vehicles and homes, abandoned hopes and dreams, abandoned lives.

The End

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