Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 29Mature

There were men on the ground near the Osprey, they were signaling for them to hurry, the Osprey had already been prepped and was ready for take off.
“Hang on Cordelia, just a few more moments.”
Cordelia smiled, but it quickly died away “I see it now.” she said, “I know what you’re trying to do now. You truly are insane. I could have just as well died in that train station.”
“You don’t know that yet.”
A man near the door to the Osprey hurried them in, “Get on quickly, we can get you to our medical facilities as quickly as possible. Welcome to the Faction.” he said, helping them on to the plane. There were others already inside, Mackenzie sat near the ledge, holding her in his arms. As Mathew held on to him to ensure they didn’t both topple over the edge as the Osprey took off.
“We made it.” Mackenzie said, smiling.
The Osprey took off quickly, the pull of the engines yanked the floor against them as they rose into the sky.

The End

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