Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 28Mature

Mackenzie slowed to a walk, “Alright I have to slow down, I can’t keep this pace.”
“It’s alright we’re in the clear” Alain said.
“Until they notice her that is.” Mathew said in concern.
They continued walking for another block before Cordelia pointed to the right, they made their way down that street until they saw a baseball and football field.
“Cross through there, past that grey building is the track field.” she said.
Her breathing had increased and Mackenzie was worried. “Hang in there. We’re almost there.”
The snipers from the school were visible on the rooftop now, they waved at them, pointing in the direction Cordelia had told them to go in.
They continued to the grey building. As soon as the Osprey came into view Mackenzie got the energy to run again and broke into a jog. “Come on, stay awake. Talk to me.”
“You’re insane Mackenzie.” She said, as she held on to his neck her head resting on his right shoulder.
“Almost there... wait.” He stopped. Mathew, take the blanket out of the bag, we can wrap her up, there aren’t any spines on her face they won’t know she’s infected.”
“Alright.” Mathew said, stopping and pulling out the blanket.
Mackenzie got to a knee and wrapped her with it before getting back up and continuing on his way.

The End

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