Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 27Mature

Mackenzie saw her face for the first time, she was beautiful. “I can’t let you die here.” He said. He picked out a pack of quick clot from the backpack and poured it on the wound. “This will hurt but it’ll keep you alive.”
“That was a bad idea.” Mathew said, “If her lung’s punctured.”
“I know Matt.” Mackenzie answered, “She’s already lost too much blood I just need her awake.”
She grunted from the pain. “Mackenzie, my death too, has been long overdue. Just let me be.”
“I owe you something, and I’m sure you’ll last long enough to get there. Just hang in there.” He said as he picked her up. “Come on let’s go, we’ve got a plane to catch.”
They left from the west doorway that Alain had blown away and ran south toward the campus. A truck turned the corner as they made their way past the tracks, they fired a few rounds before a loud thud rang out from toward the campus.
“Sniper!” Tim yelled, as a second round whizzed by them. “It came from the school.”
“I think they’re on our side.” Mathew added as they continued to run.
The truck had stopped near the tracks and turned around with a flat tire and a broken windshield.

The End

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