Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 26Mature

Mackenzie was looking at them trough one of the bullet holes in the wall. “Al, shoot at them from that doorway when they turn that way Tim and I will open fire.”
“Got it.” Alain said, firing the shotgun and taking the handle off the door. He kicked it down walked outside and turned around the corner before firing at the truck.
Tim and Mackenzie stood in the window as they turned their attention to Al and opened fire.
Tim fired in semi-automatic, picking his shots as three of his rounds punctured the passenger side window and traveled across the cab, striking both the driver and passenger in the shoulders and head.
Mackenzie fired two shots at the man with the machine gun on the back of the truck. Both shots hit him in the chest as he fell backward off the truck which sped off, the drivers corpse having pressed harder on the peddle.
They watched as the truck flew down the road, smashing into a building at the end of the street just outside their view.
All three turned back to Mathew who had removed Cordelia’s shirt.
She lay bloodied on the concrete, with only her bra on they could see the extensive fungal growth on her chest and abdomen, there were small spines following every vein cluster on her body.
“How is she?” Alain asked.
Mathew turned her on her side and lifted her braw to get to the wound. A round had gone in just between her ribs. “She’s most likely got a punctured lung and is bleeding internally I’m sure of it.”
“Just leave me...” she said, taking the gasmask off her face and coughing blood onto the concrete.

The End

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