Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 25Mature

The wheels of the truck screamed as it began to move alongside the building. Rounds rained through the side of the wall and columns of light sprang forth from the holes.
Mackenzie dropped to the prone as did the others. He looked up to see Cordelia hit the ground as well. When the firing stopped he got up and continued running. “Come on Cordelia we’ve got to move.” He said, taking her arm.
“Leave me.” She said, forcing the words through clenched teeth.
“What?” Mackenzie looked at her more closely, blood began to pool beneath her. “No.” He said, “No, you’re not dying here.”
“Mackenzie, please.” she said, blood leaking from the canisters on her mask. “Don’t do this.”
Alain caught up. “What happened? Is she hit?”
Mathew reached them and slid to her on his knees, taking off his backpack as he slid. “Guy’s cover me.”
“Right.” Mackenzie said, getting his head back into the firefight.
Alain picked up the shotgun and moved toward a window while staying low. He peered over the sill to catch a glimpse of the truck. “They’re turning around.” He said. “I’m going to the door.” Alain ran while remaining crouched toward the western doorway.
The truck came alongside the building and slowed down, the occupants were trying to see through the windows.

The End

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