Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 24Mature

“Do they recognize you?” Alain asked.
“I think they would.” She replied.
“So what, we just leave her here?” Tim asked.
“No. I can’t do that.” Mackenzie said, peering across the street to the train station.
“Let’s go then.” Mathew said, standing up. “We have to be quick.”
They got up and started for the train station. As soon as they began to run across the street, a truck turned the corner and opened fire on them.
Mackenzie stopped in the street and knelt, firing one round before getting up and continuing as quickly as he could toward the train station.
Mathew fired his shotgun at the door several times as they ran toward it and struck it with his shoulder once they arrived, barreling into the room as the door broke into splinters. The others followed.
The truck squealed to a stop at the door and the man in the box opened fire with an automatic weapon.
Mackenzie rolled into the doorway, sliding on the dusty tiles as he fired back through the doorway. “Move!” He yelled, getting up and running the length of the station toward the western exit.
Cordelia ran in front of them, leading the way.

The End

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