Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 23Mature

Mackenzie got up just as Mathew passed by, he waited to watch the truck begin to roll forward again and then followed.
Tim opened the gate to a residential property and they made their way through the yard.
Cordelia pointed the way toward the campus as they continued.
They jumped another fence and turned into an alleyway that lead behind a business. Nearing the exit of the alleyway Tim stopped and slid to the side.
Soon afterward, the others knew why, the sound of a vehicle became audible.
“They must have heard the shot.” Alain said.
Mackenzie moved up, “I wouldn’t doubt it.”
Mathew came up beside him. “They’re not very close, we should keep moving.”
“Agreed.” Mackenzie said, signaling with his hand for Tim to keep moving.
They crossed an intersection and made their way through a funeral home parking lot and into more residential yards before finally reaching a set of houses across from a train station.
Cordelia moved up beside Mathew, “The train tracks signify the boundaries of the infected. We don’t cross them, the faction has armed personnel near the campus and they fire on people they recognize as infected.”

The End

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