Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 22Mature

As soon as he fired, Mackenzie peered over the sight and watched the truck roll forward down a slight slope. He could see the passenger frantically trying to gain control of the vehicle. “That ought to do it for now.” he said as he got up and ran as quickly as he could to the bridge.
Tim was walking slowly along the bridge when the shot went off. He watched the passenger recoil away from the bloody mess Mackenzie had created in the truck, and then watched his confusion when the truck began to move. He smiled under his gasmask and turned to see Mackenzie running full tilt toward them. “Let’s go.” he said, and started running as well.
It didn’t take long for Mackenzie to catch up to them. He got to the far side of the bridge at the same time they did and continued running until he was halfway into the street. He knelt in the street and raised his weapon. He could see the passenger clearly against the backdrop of blood. The passenger had managed to step on the brakes and the truck stopped.
“Thanks.” Mackenzie said to the passenger, having made his shot that much easier. The trigger clicked and the firing pin struck the base of the round, sending a 7.62 hurtling through the air a hundred meters before crashing through the rear window and, ultimately, through the head of the trucks passenger.

The End

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