Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 21Mature

The three followed Mackenzie as he made his way up to Tim and then dropped into the prone. He slowly crawled forward until he could see around the corner and set himself in a firing position. “Alright Tim, move up with them. I’ll shoot the first one who notices you guys, try and get the second one if you can. If not I’ll try and take him out.”
“And if he gets to cover?” Tim asked.
“Then you keep his head down and I’ll move up and try to flank.”
“Alright.” Tim looked around the corner slowly once again. “Here we go.” He signaled to the others and all four of them made their way across the street and toward the bridge.
The two men in question sat in a vehicle in the middle of a three way intersection on the other side of the bridge. Their vehicle pointed south east, away from the bridge, which was lucky for the group. This created the possibility of crossing the bridge unnoticed, although very unlikely. Surely enough, as Mackenzie watched the men in the truck, one of them cocked his head quickly toward one of the rear view mirrors and then leaned forward, turning the ignition of the truck.
Mackenzie waited until the driver put the truck in gear before he squeezed the trigger.
The shot was loud and echoed through the city as blood splattered on the inside of the windshield.

The End

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