Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 20Mature

Mackenzie smiled to himself, he enjoyed that conversation, it had been a long time since he had been attracted to a woman.
An hour passed when they finally reached a bend in the river that Cordelia identified as their destination.
Cordelia stopped and pointed. “The wall to our right belongs to a cement factory. On the other side of this factory is the bridge we need to cross the canal and get further into Medina. When we turn the corner of the wall you’ll see the bridge.”
“Alright, let’s get going.” Alain said, “hopefully no one’s waiting for us.”
“If they are, I can take them out from here and we’ll get across the bridge as quickly as possible and then try to disappear in some buildings or something.”
“I’ll go take a look” Tim said, moving up against the wall carefully.
The others watched him as he made his way to the end of the wall. He peered around the corner as slowly, and returned behind cover even more slowly.
“Someone’s there.” Mathew said.
“Yup.” Mackenzie replied, moving up past Alain who was nodding at Mathew’s statement. “Follow me.” he said.

The End

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