Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 19Mature

Mackenzie shook his head. “That sounded wrong.”
“Of course it did, Tim said it.” Alain quipped.
“Alright. I’m clean so I’ll take a look at your foot and then we’ll be on our way.” Mathew stated as he made his way toward Alain. It only took him a few moments to replace the bandages, and before long they were on their way.
As they turned another bend in the river Mackenzie took up the rear guard, waiting for everyone to pass. Cordelia was the last and he began to walk with her once she came near.
“So, what’s your plan once you get to the campus?” She asked.
“Well right now it’s kind of in the air because I’m not sure how we’ll convince them that you’re with us and not a threat. But the idea is to ask them to use their aircraft to help us get to St-Catharines, like Tim said in the farm house earlier.” Mackenzie looked up, “Speak of the devil.” He said, as the thunderous sound of a planes engines echoed in the distance.
Cordelia looked up to the sky, searching for it. “I’ve never been in a plane before. I came here by boat when I was a little girl. I’ve always had a thing about the sky though, there’s just something about the clouds, makes me want to touch them.”
“Heh, if only you could. I know what you mean though. Where are you from?”
“Ah, I’m from up north. Canada.”
“I know, you have a strange accent.”
Mackenzie laughed. “Heh, I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“You should.” she said, “Because it was.” she walked on, passing Mathew and moving toward Alain.

The End

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