Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 17Mature

Mathew took the bag off of his back and moved toward them. “Here.”
“Let me see.” Alain said.
“I’m not... comfortable with this.” she said.
“Hey look.” Alain replied. “I let you fix my foot earlier and I wasn’t comfortable with it so it’s time to repay the favor.”
She looked at him, her eyes were smiling. “Alright.” she said quietly, letting her arm limp in his grasp.
Alain lifted the sleeve slowly. The spines grew in a line, following the large veins a few centimeters apart. They were longer near her elbow and shoulder. It was one on her elbow that had ruptured. “Here it is, does it hurt?”
“Only when they break, now the pain is subsiding.”
“How do I clean it?”
“You should try and remove what’s left, at the base, and then it’s like any other wound.”
“That makes it easy.” Mathew said.
Alain looked at him. “Maybe you should do this considering it involves cutting.”
“Alright.” Mathew said, switching places with Alain. “Here we go, let me know if it hurts.”
“It shouldn’t hurt too much if you only get the fungus.” She said, watching him cut into the base of the spine.
“There, gone.” Mathew took the disinfectant and rinsed out the wound, then applied a aloe cream and wrapped her elbow in gauze. “Better?”
“Thank you.” She said.

The End

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