Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 14Mature

Alain frowned, “Don’t you mean he had? Past tense?” he said as they made their way across the dining room.
“It’s strange to think of him as gone, only moments ago he was speaking to us.” She said, looking back at him as she continued walking. “ I suppose his death was long overdue, much like the most of us.”
“I second that.” Mathew said. “I only knew the guy for a few minutes and knew his death was long overdue.”
They opened the doors to Reverends chambers to find four half naked women huddled in a corner.
“Don’t worry, we’re not here to hurt you, we only need a way out.” Tim said,
One of them stood up, “You killed him didn’t you. Cordelia.”
“As a matter of fact I did.”
“You killed him!” She screamed, running toward the group with a crazed expression twisting her face.
Her expression didn’t last long as a loud shot rang out and her head flung backward followed by the rest of her body as she became airborne.
Mathew had drawn his revolver and fired it from the hip, striking her in the forehead and destroying the majority of her head. He stood with the shotgun in his left hand and the revolver in the right. “Anyone else care about the Reverend, because I killed him the first time.”
The other three women stayed huddled in the corner speechless as the rest of the group continued into another room.
The next room was filled with loot, objects that may have been worth something when the world still worked the way it used to, but now they were nothing but objects. Gold plated silverware, crystal chandeliers, useless artifacts of a world that had since died. The only valuable things in existence at this point were things that kept you alive.

The End

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