Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 13Mature

As Timothy and Alain unlocked the next door they hear screaming.
“Ah shit.” Alain said, “That’s never good.”
“They’ve changed” Cordelia whispered.
“Well, let’s change them again.” Tim said.
Alain shook his head. “That was really lame, I hope you know that.”
Tim sighed, “Just open the fucking door.”
Tim and Alain opened the door as Mathew and Mackenzie walked through, their weapons at the ready.
Since Mackenzie had a lot more 9mm rounds than 7.62 he drew his pistol for this short range encounter, the M14 remained slung on his back.
Mathew on the other hand had the perfect weapon for this range, and his shotgun was brought to bare. He turned the corner to see the three they had left in the room defending themselves against the corpse of Revrend Osbourne. “If I shoot I’ll hit them.” Mathew said.
Before Mackenzie could answer, Cordelia had fired her weapon and took off the other side of Reverend Osbournes head.
“Well, that takes care of that.” Mackenzie said. At his feet stirred one of the corpses. It was shaking as if having a seizure. When the convulsions stopped, it began to rise slowly. Mackenzie shot it in the head, killing the man for the second time in ten minutes.
“See, this is why we should just lob all their heads off, the one I killed isn’t coming back to life now is he?”
“The man has a point.” Alain said, turning around after having closed the door behind him. “This door doesn’t lock from this side, we should get moving.”
“Through there is the Reverends quarters.”
“I don’t want to know how you know that.” Tim said.
“He has concubines, I was one of them for a time.”
“I just told you lady, I didn’t want to know how you knew that!”
Mackenzie shook his head, “Tim, shut up!”
“Well shit, I mean I just told her.”
“Seriously, shut it.”

The End

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