Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 12Mature

Mackenzie continued. “Is wear, I’ll blow a hole the size of a bowling ball into your chest if you so much as think about attacking us.”
Tim was picking up his pistol when he turned to Mackenzie. “Is that five, nine or ten pin bowling ball size?” he said mockingly.
“Shut up, you’ll blow my cover.” Mackenzie said, almost laughing.
“Not like it matters, we’ve got the working guns back now anyway.” Alain said.
“Alright folks, we have to run. And for that reason, I’ll be giving you this.” Mackenzie said, throwing the machine gun to the floor. “‘Cause it’s just too damn heavy.” he turned quickly and ran past the others, picking up his Kimber 1911 and rifle as he spoke. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”
“Which way?” Alain asked.
Mackenzie had already entered the short hall with his gear. “Through the door that guy came from, hurry let’s go!”
The men in the room finally caught on to the ruse and began leaving the shadows.
“Come on, the creepy cult people are coming we don’t have much time!” Mackenzie continued, holding the door for the others. “Cordelia, do you know this house?”
“Yes.” She said as Mathew stepped up to her while Tim and Alain closed the doors to the short hall.
“Do you know how to use this?” Mathew said to her, drawing his compact USP.
“Jee you don’t say much do you lady?” Tim said, walking past them heading toward the other door.
“Here.” Mathew gave her the pistol, “Hopefully you don’t have to shoot anyone you know, god knows I’ve done it.”

The End

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