Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 11Mature

Mackenzie turned around. “We need our weapons.”
Just as he said that a man burst into the room from behind him screaming. He held the M249 in his arms and bore a crazed expression on his face. “Ah! You’re all gonna die!”
“You’re kidding me.” Alain said.
The man pulled the trigger and heard nothing, not even a click.
“Nice try pal.” Mackenzie said.
He looked at the weapon and then back at them, his expression had changed, it was a mixture of embarrassment and terror.
Mackenzie pulled the machine gun out of his hands by the barrel and stuck his blade into the mans stomach.
He grunted in pain, falling over as blood coursed through his shirt and onto the hardwood floor.
The five of them walked out of the room and into the short hall. Mathew guarding those men who were still within the dining room until they closed the door and locked it.
“Obviously these people have no idea how guns work.” Mackenzie said as he opened the door to the lobby where their weapons were kept. “Don’t move!” He yelled to the people in the next room. “This is a big gun, which means it can do a lot of damage, let us be and you won’t end up dead like everyone in the room behind us.”
The men in the lobby stayed hidden in the hallways and doorwayd.
Mathew returned the compact USP to the hidden holster at the small of his back and then picked up the remainder of his weapons as the others did while Mackenzie covered them with the empty machine gun.

The End

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