Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 10Mature

Timothy turned quickly about, smashing his palm into one guards face before thrusting his knee into the other. They both fell to their knees.
“Here.” Mathew yelled, throwing Tim the sword he had.
Tim caught it and beheaded one of the men at his feet, the other ran backward on his hands and feet, horrified at the sight.
Alain had drawn the sword of the guard in front of him who raised his hands.
Unbeknownst to Alain, the guard behind him was recovering from the shock of the first shot and raised his sword.
Mathew put a bullet in the side of his head before he could do any damage.
Alain turned around with lightning speed but only to watch the body fall to the ground.
“No!” The other guard screamed and tackled him from behind.
Alain quickly grasped his forearm and threw the man over his shoulder, stabbing him in the neck as he lay on the floor.
When the only remaining sound was the blood gurgling from a slit throat; four of the guards were dead, one was unconscious, three held their hands up with no will to fight, and one wept uncontrollably in the corner. “Very well.” Cordelia said, obviously shaken from the ordeal. “Now what are we supposed to do?”
Tim looked around the room, realizing now that they had a small town filled with angry infected that knew how to wield weapons and drive vehicles. “This is the part where we run like hell.” he said.

The End

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