Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 9Mature

“No, you insolent fool. There are rules to be followed and they shall be followed. I must follow them just as she should have, I’ve already been kind enough to give you my time and now you’re wasting it by challenging my authority, I should have you shot for your transgressions.”
In that moment the left side of the reverends head exploded, the shot rang out so loudly within the room that the guards nearly fell to their knees holding their ears. The reverends body hit the floor and the contents of his head splattered across the hardwood as smoke rose from Mathew’s compact USP.
Mackenzie still had his mouth open and his arm up ready to gesture the words he meant to reply. He shut his mouth and lowered his hand. “Well... so much for diplomacy.”
Mathew walked forward, pistol whipping one man in the side of the head., “I was tired of his bullshit.” he said, picking up the sword.
Another one of the guards reached for his sword and attempted to get up but Mathews shot him in the top of the head. A sickening crack ensued as he fell to the floor, a corpse.
Mackenzie turned to the door behind them, the guard there was also stunned from the shot. He moved quickly in order to take advantage of the moment. He elbowed the man in the side of the head, and kneed him in the face as he fell sideways, sliding against the door. When he hit the ground Mackenzie had pulled the blade from its sheath and parried an attack from another nearby guard. He blocked the incoming blade at an angle that forced the overpowered blow to slide over him, opening the side of his enemy to attack. He stepped forward, adding his movement to the thrust as it entered just below the ribs.
The man attempted to scream, but his diaphragm had been punctured and rendered useless. He fell to the floor, the blade sliding painfully out of the wound. He was suffocating and drowning in his own blood.

The End

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