Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 8Mature

Tim moved forward. “Sir, you have no idea how much hope you’ve given me.” He turned and looked at the others. “Ever since the world fell to pieces we knew we’d have to be constantly on the move but we needed destinations, and so we decided that we’d attempt to find our parents first.” He fell silent for a moment, and when he continued, his voice was lower, laced with emotion. “But... all we found were empty, destroyed homes. It’s my turn out of the four of us. My parents lived in St-Catharines, it’s the first big city we’ve had to get into for some time and we need help. Before now we thought we’d only be going there to find out what happened to them, how they died. But now that I know some people can survive infection, I have hope to find my parents alive! Do you have any idea how much that changes things? We need the help of that faction, they have an aircraft that will make it a thousand times easier to get into the city, and if we can make it easier for you to live here, near them, then we all win.”
“Young man.” the Reverend started, stroking one of the cordyceps spines that grew near his chin. “Your plights are your own. I will not deal with the men from the prison. We have tried, and they’ve done nothing but fire on us. They’ve killed hundreds of us. I will not try to deal with them, and I will not allow you to meet them and strengthen their numbers.”
“Is it a war you want?” Alain started, “Because the way you’re talking it seems, you hope for armed conflict, and I can tell you that they’re far better equipped than you are. If you fight them, you’ll lose. If you let us talk, you don’t lose anything.”
“I don’t?” He replied. “I’ve already lost something, Cordelia was a great asset to us, and now she’s been condemned by your actions, into exile. You have taken her from me, and I will not allow her to be killed by those men if you attempt to meet them. My men will not hesitate to kill you if you go to that campus.”
Mackenzie shook his head in frustration. “You make no sense, we didn’t take her from you, you’re the one who made the decision to send her into exile, you could just as easily take that back.”

The End

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