Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 7Mature

“Hey! Mackenzie said, moving toward them quickly to protect her from what harm they may pose. He pulled her back softly with one arm and moved forward. “Don’t touch her.”
“Yes, of that.” Osbourne started, “Since you have decided to disobey Trevor in his attempt to have you come with him, you Cordelia Watts, are no longer part of this community and will go where they go when they leave. Of course that further strengthens the fact that you will not go near the campus, because they will shoot her on sight. As I can see you are already protective of her and therefore this will not be a problem. Nevertheless I owe you one small favor, now be quick of it and leave my sight before I change my mind and have you killed.”
The four were stunned, they weren’t in the slightest bit of control. The situation was completely in the Reverends hands and it seemed they could do nothing short of violence to win over the situation.
“Sir.” Mathew started. “I have good reason to believe that the people who requested us at the college can be negotiated with. I can tell from how you are living that all you want is to be left alone, and perhaps we can come to an understanding if we are capable of coming to some kind of mutual agreement with them.”

The End

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