Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 6Mature

As Mathew took his revolver and placed it in the bin he turned to Cordelia. “Cordelia, could you please introduce us, so that we don’t seem as invaders to this place?”
“Very well.” She said, making her way up the stairs.
“She talks weird.” Tim whispered to Al as he dropped his weapons in the bin as well.
“Shut up, this isn’t the time to joke.” He replied, as he looked around, noticing that there were several figures, hidden in the hallways that connected to the lobby-like room they occupied. “We’re being watched constantly.”
“I’d be afraid too... we’re badass.” Tim said, obviously trying to lighten the mood.
Alain couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the last comment.
“Alright, game faces on.” Mackenzie said as Cordelia opened the doors.
They stepped through into a short hall were they were frisked, afterward they entered the second set of doors which lead to a large dining room.
Several men walked toward them, all of them armed with swords. They wore black dress pants and black long sleeve turtle neck shirts.
“I count nine.” Tim said, leaning toward Alain so that only he heard.
“Same, all with horrible fashion sense.” Alain replied.
“We can do nine.” Mathew started.
“If we play this right we won’t have to.” Mackenzie followed.
Ahead of them, a man entered the room from a set of doors on the opposite side. He wore a robe with a priests collar. He walked briskly and wore a stern expression on his unmasked face. “I am Reverend Osbourne. Firstly I would like to thank you for helping my young soldier, actions such as this have won you a very short audience. Speak now, ask what you will of my people and then be on your way, but know this: You will not be allowed anywhere near the college campus.”
Cordelia stood forward and as she did so the nine men who surrounded them moved to compensate for her advance, their blades pointed at her.

The End

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