Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 5Mature

It took about an hour to reach the checkpoint, and when they arrived it seemed that Trevor, the other biker, had said kind words. The small group of young men standing at the entrance to Ridgway were concerned, but not a threat. They were glad to see Cordelia, and apparently grateful for helping the biker. The young men pointed the way to a large farmhouse on the outskirts of Medina and told them to meet their leader there, and also mentioned it was there that they wanted their wounded friend to be brought. The group continued through the city. The outlying buildings were still abandoned, but in the next half hour of their trek, they began to encounter more and more people inhabiting the houses. The mood had changed drastically, and now the four knew they were not in friendly territory. The young men at the checkpoint obviously knew the biker well, and were grateful for that reason alone. The majority of the inhabitants of this town however, did not care for the work they had done on the biker and appeared to be leaning toward a hostile demeanor. On several occasions during their walk, vehicles drove by with groups of armed people in them, all occupants stared at them intently. The fact that their mouths were all covered seemed to intensify the stares they received from passers by.
After nearly an hour of walking, they arrived at their destination, without once being offered a ride by those who had working vehicles.
“I will come in with you.” Cordelia said.
“Well I hope so, shit you walked this whole way didn’t you?” Mackenzie said, slightly nervous about the situation they had gotten themselves into.
“Let’s get this over with.” Tim said, his mood bitter.
Mathew and Alain picked up the stretcher and lifted it up the set of stairs to the front doors of the large home and they made their way inside.
Once inside two men retrieved the wounded man from them and without a word, pointed them to a set of doors at the top of a staircase. One of them pointed toward a large rectangular bin to the right of the door. “Drop your firearms in there, you will be searched afterward.
Mackenzie and Mathew looked at each other for a moment and silently communicated their concerns.

The End

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