Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 4Mature

“Well, we had epinephrine nearby if he would have gone into arrest I think we could have gotten him out of it with a good shot of adrenaline.”
“Well, thank you for showing me the amateur side of your talent Mr. Dionne.”
“I’ll... take that as a compliment too.” Mathew said.
“We should get moving.” Mackenzie mentioned. “Where’s the other biker?”
“He left with the boy on the bike, his burns weren’t that bad.” Mathew said, sitting up and looking into the driver seat of the ambulance for keys.
Cordelia shook her head. “There’s no use, the roads are far too congested with abandoned vehicles to use this as a means of returning to Medina, we’ll have to roll him on the stretcher. It’s only six kilometers to the checkpoint in Ridgeway, and then another five or so to downtown Medina.”
“That’s not a bad idea.” Mathew said as he made his way out of the ambulance and started pulling the stretcher out. “Al, help me extend the legs.”
“How far is it from here?” Mackenzie asked.
“There will be a checkpoint near the entrance to town. Hopefully Trevor does not betray us in some way by convincing them to fight us. I somehow think he looked up to your efforts to help us though, we shouldn’t have a problem.”
“What should I do with the LMG Matt? We’re out of rounds for it.”
“I thought you said you still had a few left?”
“I did, but there were only twenty, so I unlinked them and gave them to Tim.
“Alright, hang on to it for now, we might be able to get some more from the people who want to pick us up.”
“About that.” Cordelia started, “I’m not sure how you’re going to get there without strong resistance from the group that took me in. They’re very serious about not letting anyone into this place, they’ve already killed dozens of uninfected. My word is not worth very much either, I may be able to get you into the city safely, but after that you’re on your own.”
“We understand.” Mathew said.
Mackenzie nodded. “Then let’s get a move on”
Alain press checked his pistol and holstered it, nodding to Tim who had done the same with his rifle, ensuring there was a round loaded into the chamber.
The group walked off, leaving the ambulance behind. Mackenzie walked with Cordelia in the rear, Alain and Mathew pushed the stretcher and Timothy led with his weapon resting on his chest.

The End

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