Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 2Mature

Alain was sincerely surprised at how the sound of her name touched him in that moment. It’s as if in hearing her name he finally saw her as a true human being. Having killed many people who carried the same symptoms, they had become expendable husks, walking corpses, unimportant facets of reality that simply existed as obstacles to their goals. But now, before him, one of them knelt, and carefully, gently washed his damaged limb. She was undoubtedly human, and for a very short moment that realization threatened to give consequence to all the others that he had killed in the past, but he knew he could not let that thought overtake him. He could not blame himself for ending the lives, of those who had fallen victim to the disease. He looked at her as she worked so diligently to make him better. He hated cliche’s but couldn’t help it. “That’s a beautiful name.” he said, as sincerely has he could.
“Thank you.” She said, smiling to herself for the first time in weeks. “There, that should be good, the swelling will go down in a few days, you’re lucky you didn’t get infected with anything.”
“Luck.” Alain thought to himself, “ Is that what this is?”
“What’re we doing Mack?” Tim said quietly, peering over his shoulder toward the ambulance as he leaned his back against a car. “How are we going to get picked up by these people in Medina if we’re suddenly siding with infected?”
“Look Tim.” Mack answered sternly. “By helping them out we honestly have a better chance at making it to the field”
“But once they know we plan on joining their enemies do you think that these people are going to just let us through?”
“Since we helped them out, yes, maybe they will.”
“And if they don’t?”
“Tim.” Mack said, putting his hand on his shoulder. “That’s when we start shooting.” he said as he began to walk toward the ambulance.
“Uh huh... you’re getting sloppy Mack, we have no idea what we’re getting into.” He said to him loudly, making sure that Mackenzie had heard him as he gained distance. He didn’t reply.
“So, Cordelia, how far is this blockade you were talking about?” Mackenzie asked.
“Hey, how did you already know her name?” Al asked.
“She told me?” Mackenzie answered in a quip.
“Well, the blockade exists within the outskirts of town at all entrances, this was only one of them.”

The End

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