Chapter 4: Long Overdue : Part 1Mature

Alain sat uneasily on the back of the ambulance, his legs hanging over the edge. He looked back curiously at Mathew who was inside, pulling pieces of grenade shrapnel out of the side of the biker. Alain cringed as he looked back at his foot which was being tended to by the infected woman with the small portion of medical supplies that Mathew said he wouldn’t need for the biker. She had taken off the blood soaked bandages that had been set hastily early that morning and was now cleaning out the wounds. It was easy to understand why Alain was nervous, the spines on her arms were clearly visible now that she wore only a tank top, attempting to cool down from the hot afternoon temperature. He feared that she could easily infect him, and was quite adamant about not letting her treat his wounds regardless of her experience as a nurse. However, she mentioned that several none-infected persons lived with them for extended periods of time without ever becoming infected. If he didn’t want to lose his foot completely, it would be worth trusting her. A very short, yet effective set of imagery of himself limping away with a stump for a leg prompted him to agree with her. “So what’s your name anyway?” He asked her as she poured some disinfectant on his wound.
She looked up at him, with an almost questioning glare, and then returned to her work. She took a strip of gauze and started to absorb the excess fluid when she finally spoke. “Cordelia.” She said, solemnly. Her British accent accentuating the name.

The End

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