Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 27Mature

“Why are you doing this?” The biker asked.
“Because we can, and because you may be able to help us. We aren’t here to kill anyone, but we’ll defend ourselves when needed. I’m sure there are more of you, and if we take care of you here, then we may be lucky enough to ensure you treat us the same way if your men win the next firefight.”
The biker sat there for a moment, looking into Mathews eyes, wondering what could possibly drive a man to care so much about honor in a world like the one they now inhabited. What could possibly drive a man to care for his enemy’s wounds and give quarter after they threatened his life. He did not know what it was that drove the man who stood before him, all he knew is that at this moment he wanted nothing more than everyone in the world to have that drive, that will to be honorable and just. If only.

The End

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