Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 26Mature

Alain lowered the burnt biker to the ground as he groaned in pain. “Yeah well, that’s what you get for throwing Molotovs at this freaking guy.”
“Ugh..” he grunted. “You killed my brother.”
Mathew looked at the biker who slid up to him. “No he’s not dead, but he will be if we don’t get him some help soon.” Mathew had put him in the recovery position and had noticed the shrapnel wounds that littered his body. “If we can get to a hospital I can probably take out most of the shrapnel, but I don’t have the tools to help him now.”
“Why the fuck didn’t you just kill us.” he asked.
“Well, we usually don’t shoot people unless there’s good reason. Being shot at is good reason, but now that the threat’s gone, I really don’t have any reason to shoot you do I?”
“Matty, I saw an ambulance up ahead, I’m not sure if there’s still anything in it, but we might be able to help them there.” Alain said, pointing down the highway.
“Tim and Mackenzie are on their way, once they’re here we’ll make our way toward the ambulance.”

The End

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