Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 23Mature

“Jesus christ!”Alain screamed, leaping from the van and running toward the smokey remains of the bike. He ran past them and into the haze that surrounded the van Matt had been standing near. “Matty?” he yelled, “You alright?” He turned the corner to find Mathew loading his last shell and pumping the shotgun’s action.
“I’m fine.” Mathew said, “These guys on the other hand.”
“How the hell do you pull that shit off? That’s like the third time you’ve nearly been taken out by some flaming object.”
“I don’t know.” Mathew said nonchalantly. “Where’s Tim and Mack?”
Alain turned to his right and left, but saw no one. “ I don’t know. Let’s check up on them.”
“I’m not going to shoot you.” Mackenzie said, lowering his rifle.
She screamed as an explosion erupted behind him.
Mackenzie turned to see a bellowing flame and the silence of the motorcycles. “Ah shit Matty, did you use the grenade?”
“Why are you here?” she said, crying.
Mackenzie turned back to her. “We’re here to look for a friends family, we’re trying to get to Medina to meet up with an organization that dropped these flyers.” He said, revealing a folded copy of the flyer. “Do you know who they are?”
“They tried to kill us.” She said, sitting up now.
“Why?” Mackenzie asked.
She looked at him, and then raised the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a series of Cordyceps spikes leading up her arm.

The End

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