Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 22Mature

Mathew walked down the highway, the bikers making their way back to him in haste. They both had newly lit Molotovs. He had time. He dropped the pack on his back and dug into a special pocket, pulling from it the grenade they had saved for several months. “Today’s a special occasion” Mathew thought to himself.
The bikes came screaming by and he dodged the first Molotov, throwing the backpack to safety behind another vehicle as the flames engulfed the position he had been standing in previously.
Alain watched as Mathew took the grenade out. “That mother fucker.” he said, his weapon only had a few rounds left and he wanted to hold on to them in case someone desperately needed assistance, but he couldn’t fire on the bikers in fear of hitting Matt.
Mathew slammed his back against the van and waited for the second bike to pass. He pulled the pin on the grenade and rolled it past a few of the vehicles as the bike that just passed turned and began to make his way toward him. He stepped forward and out from cover, firing a shot at the biker who hadn’t passed yet. The shot shattered the bottle in his hand and he lit up into flames. Mathew aimed a second shot at the front wheel and destroyed it as the bike flipped forward flying past him. The second biker had sped up when he saw his fellow biker being lit into flames and Mathew turned to face him just as he drove past the grenade. Mathew was still loading new shells into his shotgun when the grenade exploded. The bike was torn into two pieces and the debris bounced across the pavement, toward him. The biker slid on the asphalt just before the debris, his unconscious body grinded to a halt beside Mathew who took a slow step to his left as a large portion of the bike flew past him and smashed into the van behind him, exploding into a ball of flames.

The End

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