Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 21Mature

The person swung about, surely enough holding a bolt action hunting rifle. But something was not right.
Mackenzies eyes widened.
She wore a painters breathing mask, her hair was brown and long but tied into a bun, she seemed thin but the loose clothes she wore hid her frame. Her eyes were a dark piercing brown, nearly black, and as she stared at him in fear he lost all will to fight. His rifle dropped from his shoulder and he stood there, silently as gunshots rang out in the distance.
Tim ran up the side of the slope as Alain fired him in, the machine gun fire splashing only a few feet ahead of his footsteps. As he reached the top he could hear the person crying. He crested the hill to find a distraught young man. He had dropped the rifle on his side and was cradled in a fetal position beside it, hands covering his ears. Tim stopped, dropped the rifle from his shoulder and made his way slowly to the boy as Alains machine gun fire still splashed accurately against the hillside, making sure that the kids head was down as Tim came in for what he thought was a killing blow. Tim knelt beside him, pushing the rifle away, dirt rained on them as he reached out with his arm. “Hey kid.” He said, touching him on the shoulder. The boy looked up, staring at him in fear, half his face covered with a breathing mask. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

The End

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