Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 20Mature

Mathew turned to get up and realized that one of the bikers was much closer than anticipated. He raced by, between the cars, wielding a Molotov cocktail which he threw toward Mathew.
Mathew fired a shot at him but missed as the bottle passed just by his head and erupted on the ground behind him. He ran to avoid the splash and growth of the flames.
“Holy fuck! Tim said, holding his fire in fear that he would hit Alain who was in the prone on the top of a van somewhere in the rear.
The second biker whizzed by on the opposite side of the highway and Tim was about to fire on him when shots came from the left Tree line. Tim rolled backward as the rounds splashed up against the pavement in front of him.
Mathew turned. “This is starting to piss me off. Tim, take care of the left tree line, Mack’s got the right one, I’ll deal with the bikers.”
“Gotcha.” Tim said, making a run for the tree line as Alains machine gun fire splashed up against the ditch near the enemy on that side.
Mathew got up and walked slowly forward while loading his shotgun. The bikers had turned around to avoid exposing themselves to Alains machine gun fire and were on their way back to Mathews position.
Mackenzie dropped into the ditch and ran up the side of the hill toward where the machine gun fire had splashed. He ran round a tree on the left side of a truck and stopped, listening for movement. He heard the machine gun fire and peered to the left to see it splashing against the other ditch. Just then he heard rustling to his right, the shooter was trying to get a glimpse of Alains flash. Mackenzie turned the corner and aimed his rifle at the person behind the stump.
“Stop.” He said, squeezing the trigger slightly, knowing that he may only have milliseconds to react.

The End

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