Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 19Mature

Mathew came running up behind Mackenzie. “Saw one on the right.” he said, huffing air. There’s more though.”
“See I figured.” Tim said from the car ahead.”
“What?” Mathew asked confusedly.
“Never mind him, Where’s Al?”
“He’s on top of a van further back, watching.”
“Good, that’s perfect.... do you hear that?”
There was a strange whining sound in the distance and it was getting louder by the second.
“That sounds like a -”
“Ugh guys, we’ve got motorcycles.”Tim yelled,
“Yeah we know.” Mackenzie yelled to Tim, “Damnit I was just about to say that.”
A short burst from the machine gun burped in the distance and a splash of rounds came up on the right side of the tree line.
“We’re in business!” Mackenzie said as he made his way to the right side of the highway to find the lone sniper.

The End

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