Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 18Mature

“Alright, I told Al not to fire the LMG yet, because we just don’t have the ammo. We’ll wait until we get a GRI on this guy and then we’ll pummel him with about a hundred or so rounds in a second.”
“I like the way you think mister.”
“Ok, I’m moving up.”
Mackenzie darted forward, swaying from right to left and then left to right in random fashion to make it that much more difficult for the shooter to hit home. A shot was fired, but Mackenzie was too concentrated on his running to pay attention to where the round splashed. He smashed his shoulder against a white Sedan and popped his rifle over the edge to fire a few shots for the sake of scaring the shooter. As they went off he saw Tim make his run. He then realized he may have a chance and took up a proper firing position, waiting for the shooter to take a shot at Tim. He spotted movement to the right, in the tree line, and a muzzle flash. The round skimmed the hood directly to his left and sparks flashed into his eyes.
“Ugh!” he grunted, taking cover behind the car, temporarily blind. “Tim, three hundred meters on the right in the tree line. There’s a bright blue van at around the same distance.”
Tim took a peek. “Man I see a white van, but no blue.”
“Well maybe that’s the one, I got flashed by the ricochet, the colors may be off.”
“Alright, let me take a look.”
“I’ll cover you.” Mackenzie yelled, dropping to the prone and taking aim at the person in the tree line. They were particularly well hidden, the muzzle flash had given them away the last time but now he couldn’t locate the person anymore. It’s then that it came to him. “They’re flanking” He thought to himself. “Tim!”
“What?” Tim yelled.
“Watch your sides man I think there may be more than just this one guy.”
“No shit sherlock. I kind of had that idea going a while ago. But nice try.”
“Jee, way to make a guy feel useless.” Mackenzie said, firing a pot shot at the tree line.
“Got him?”
“No I think he moved.”

The End

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