Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 15Mature

Tim came up beside him and knelt. “Nothing?” He whispered.
“No, I’m not seeing anything. I’m moving up.” Mackenzie dropped to his stomach and looked beneath the cars to see if there was anyone near bye hidden behind a vehicle. He saw nothing, so he returned to his feet and continued forward, slowly and with his weapon at the ready. He came up to an overturned car that had been burned to ashes and slowly peeked around the corner. A charred human arm hung from the back window at his eye level, he crouched slightly to see past it. Timothy came up behind him. “Nothing.” He said to him, moving around the corner and walking up to the trailer of a semi. He crouched and walked along the semi, keeping an eye out from beneath it as he made his way toward a hatchback Volkswagen. He noticed a few shotgun shells sitting on the dash, so he reached in cautiously through the window and picked them up. When Tim came up to his position he handed them to him, knowing he’d know to pass them to Mathew when they had their turn to meet up. “Alright, I’m out.” he said, squeezing between the Volkswagen and a truck before making his way up to another vehicle.
Timothy waited for Mathew to make his way up to him and handed him the shells. “Here, Mack found them in a car.”

The End

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