Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 14Mature

“Thanks.” Mathew peered through them, leaning against the car to his left to steady his arms. “There’s definitely someone there, we’re going to have to move up to get a better look.”
“Do you think we should stay on the road or hit the tree line?” Mackenzie asked.
“The bush will be louder, we can move up more silently between the cars.” Alain interjected.
“I agree with Al.” Mathew said, returning the binoculars to Tim who put them back into the bag.
“Alright, I’ll take point.” Mackenzie said, “Matty, you stay in the middle with Tim, Al in the back. Any objections?”
“Nope, sounds good to me.” Al said, moving back slightly to give the other three more room to maneuver. “I’ve only got about half a belt left though, and it’s our last box, so if shit hits the fan you’ll only have me for a short moment.”
“I’ll make the best of it.” Mackenzie said, smiling.
Mackenzie moved up, remaining crouched and behind vehicles as he did so. The others followed suit in the organization they had agreed upon, and slowly but surely they made their way toward the unknown once again.
Mackenzies back came up against the sliding door of a blue van and he peeked through the window very slowly. After being satisfied that he hadn’t seen anything suspicious he waved Tim forward.

The End

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