Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 13Mature

“Sure man.” Alain replied.
Mackenzie nodded, “Yeah, sorry.”
“Thank you.” Mathew walked off.
“Jerk.” Alain whispered beneath his mask to Mackenzie who laughed and punched him in the shoulder jokingly.
The four walked between the vehicles, periodically checking for anything of use. The highway was littered , many of the vehicles had been pushed off the side of the road, perhaps by people attempting to make their way in, or out of the city with their own vehicles. Others were obviously driven off the road by accident, and were stuck in the ditch. Without anyone to retrieve them they were abandoned by their previous owners, who, unfortunately for Mathew and the others, were probably still wandering around near bye. Whether alive or dead didn’t really matter, the fact that they could pose a threat was the only concern for the four who carefully continued forward.
Mackenzie and Alain continued their banter once Mathew was far enough ahead, while Timothy walked between Mathew and the other two, taking quick glances into vehicles at the dead or at potential supplies or equipment. He had just picked up what he thought was a can of food that turned out to be empty when he noticed that Mathew had stopped and was kneeling. He turned quickly to Mackenzie and Alain who were being rather loud and threw the can at them.
“What in the world would make you believe that- Hey? What gives?” Mackenzie turned to see Tim giving them the hand signal to drop.
Both of them dropped to a knee and raised their weapons. It only took them a few seconds to consolidate on Mathew, who was silent and still, staring like a hawk down a small gradient at the vehicles below.
“What’s up big guy?” Tim asked, coming up behind him.
“Movement, I think it’s just scavengers.”
“That’s no good, armed?”
“I don’t think so.” Mathew added, “Can you take the binoculars out of my pack?”
“Yeah sure, here.” Tim agreed, digging through the bag for a few seconds before pulling them out.

The End

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