Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 12Mature

The Expedition jolted from the impact as the bodies were thrown into the air, none of them made an effort to avoid being hit. Their bodies simply smashed against the vehicle, leaving each a mark of their own on the aluminum body. One of them smashed the passenger side windshield and left a heavy stain of blood.
“Great, now I can’t even fucking see.”
Alain laughed out loud and in exaggeration, “Ah Hahahah! Sucker!” his laughter stopped abruptly and they kept driving, navigating through the abandoned vehicles. “You think I can squeeze through that?” Alain asked.
“I don’t know Al, I can’t see shit!” Mackenzie complained. “You fucking jackass.”
“Hehe, you’re so bitter.” Alain said as they scraped both sides of the Expedition fitting through a narrow space between two vehicles.
“Alright, Scott free, now we just have to get to Medina.” Alain said, smiling beneath his gasmask.
The four continued unchallenged down the small country highway before reaching a traffic jam of abandoned vehicles near the edge Medina.
“Looks like we’re going on foot from here.” Alain said, slowing the vehicle to as stop.
“Fun.” Mathew said, turning to Tim who had fallen asleep. “Wake up, we’re walking.”
“Wha? Huh?” Tim looked about, disoriented, adjusting his gas mask that had slid a little in his sleep. “What’s going on?”
“We’re walking.” Alain said, stepping out of the vehicle and curiously inspecting the damage that the infected had left behind. “Man, I really smacked those fuckers eh?”
“I’m not going to forgive you for missing that fat lady.”
“It was a man, get over it.”
“Want to walk back and take a look?”
“Be my guest Mack, you’re welcome to go check. I on the other hand want to make it to this god forsaken track and field place and get a lift to someplace where I don’t have to have eyes out the back of my ass every second of the day.”
“You have eyes out the back of your ass?”
“Guys.” Mathew interjected, walking between them. “Could I please ask for a moment of silence?”

The End

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