Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 11Mature

Mackenzie looked at him. “That was just confusing. Yes, turn left.”
The Expedition shifted to the right and the sound of broken glass tumbling across the pavement accompanied by the squealing of tires echoed through the countryside.
“Welcome to Jeddo.” Alain said, looking at the deserted cars on the side of the road near the sign. “Welcome... I somehow doubt that.”
“Yeah, let’s keep an eye out. Try and avoid the -”
“You want to fucking drive?” Alain said to Mackenzie, cutting him off. “Cause I’ll pull over right now.”
“That would be a bad idea Al.” Tim said, pointing to a small crowd of infected that seemed to just be standing in the middle of the street.
“Um.. There’s not enough room to go around them.”
“Speed up a bit and brace yourself.”
“That’s a dumb idea, a body can do a lot of damage to a car.”
“Not as much damage as I’ll do to your face if you don’t get us the fuck out of here.”
“I’m sure you’ll have other things to worry about if I don’t get us out of here.”
Tim and Mathew looked at each other in silence as the two up front continued their banter.
“No, go left, there’s a weak spot.”
“I swear to god Mack, I’m going to pull over.”
“Just go left.”
“I’m not going left, there’s a car right behind that guy.”
“That’s not a guy, it’s an old woman.”
“Looks like a guy to me.”
“Well let’s find out, plow into the bitch and I bet you it’ll be a woman.”
“Seriously man, it’s better on this side.”
Mathew shook his head.
“Yeah tell me about it.” Tim sympathized.
“Fine do whatever the fuck you want.”
“I fucking will!” Alain said, hitting the gas and veering slightly to the right as they reached the small crowd.

The End

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