Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 10Mature

Mathew turned to Tim. “The thing is, all big cities are cluttered with infected and stopped vehicles. We’d never get there with the car, we’d have to stop and start on foot and then we’d be vulnerable again. These people that want to meet us have an Osprey. If we’re lucky we can ask them to drop us off on a rooftop near your parents place and we’ll be that much better off.”
Mackenzie laughed. “They’re going to think we’re insane. Wanting to be dropped into the middle of a city.”
Alain started, “Well, whatever, everyone but Tim’s found out what’s happened to his family so we owe it to him.”
“Mind you, he is the only one who’s family happens to live in a major urban center. We haven’t dealt with something that big since Ottawa and Toronto, and if I remember correctly, those weren’t exactly the best experiences we’ve had.”
Mathew sighed. “Honestly since I’ve met up with you three I haven’t had any good experiences.”
“You’re still alive aren’t you?” Tim asked.
“I’m starting to wonder if that’s a good thing.” Mathew said.
“Now come on Matty, don’t start that talk.”
Mathew laughed. “I guess blowing disfigured people to pieces just isn’t what I thought my college education was going to lead to.”
The four of them laughed for a moment and then once again silence came. It seemed as though anytime something funny or lighthearted came along they were almost forced to remind themselves of the harshness of their situation. Every laugh was priced with the unavoidable drop into reality, and the inevitable pull of depression that quickly followed. But Mathew was spared; just as that pull came, his sprits were once again lifted as the smiling face of the woman on the Osprey shunted into his mind. “How far are we from that school?”
“Not far” Mackenzie said as he looked at the map.
“Left here right?” Alain asked.

The End

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