Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 9Mature

Alain reversed again and smashed into the crowd but was slowed by the thickness of them. One infected rushed the driver side door and its arm slashed into him, ripping at his clothes and gasmask. Alain pulled the hatchet swiftly from its holster and lodged it into the deranged face that yelled and sprayed fungus filled spittle at him. He used the door as leverage to remove the hatchet from its skull as it fell to the ground. He moved the vehicle forward again into the garage and quickly returned to reverse with a few extra feet. The vehicle plunged through the crowd that had been thinned from Mahew and Tims efforts.
A moment later they were barreling down the concession with nothing but the wind at their ears, although they probably couldn’t hear it over the ringing.
Al turned to Mackenzie “So isn’t this where we weren’t supposed to end up? Rushing down a narrow rural highway?”
“Well it wasn’t the ideal situation to end up in, but I suppose nothing’s really ideal at this point.”
“At least we’ll get there faster” Tim added, “Hey, I still don’t see why we don’t just go straight to St-Catherines and look for clues of what happened to my parents, we’re like half an hour away by car.”

The End

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