Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 8Mature

Mackenzie looked up at him from reloading the weapon and gave him a stern stare.
Alain laughed, “Whatever, you never know. Alright hang on to something.” He looked back and hit the gas as far as it would go. The Expedition moved backward the few feet it had before smashing into the garage door. The Expedition stopped abruptly. “Well that didn’t quite work.” Alain said, driving forward as far as he could.
As he reached the farthest point of the garage he heard a yell come from the inside of the home and he turned his attention to the garage door. A flood shadows lumbered through the home and came into view. Alain grabbed the machine gun from the center console with one hand and dropped it against the window sill of the drivers side and opened fire. Brass flew into the steering wheel and all over the dash as the flash of the muzzle dominated the dark garage. Each shot froze a frame of vision for the four of them. The infected fell at the doorway, and Alain couldn’t help but imagine the scene as a strobe light flashing at the most wild mosh pit he would ever witness. Once the fallen had become a large enough hindrance for those still rushing in, he stopped firing and pulled the machine gun in. “Here Tim, bust out the back window. Watch the barrel this time.”
“Jee thanks, ass.” He said as he took the machine gun and rested it on the backseat, it’s steaming barrel facing the back window. Tim fired a short burst to weaken the window.
Mathew also turned and got ready with his shotgun.
“Alirght, here’s take two.” Alain said, hitting the gas.
The Expedition slammed into the garage door a lot harder this time and the door began to buckle. Alain moved the vehicle forward once again.
He struggled with the selector for a moment and had to look down to see if it was in reverse. Mackenzies hand slammed into his chest and pushed him against the seat before his rifle thrust out the driver side window and fired off a round. The deformed corpse of an infected plunged forward and smashed into the hood of the car as it fell from a full sprint. “Alright Al, get us out of here.” Mackenzie said, sitting back into his chair once again.
Alain drove the vehicle backward into the door once again and it fell from its hinges onto the roof of the car. He moved forward once again to free the vehicle from the garage door, and in doing so the door fell to the ground, letting in the sea of infected which awaited them.
The machine gun burped to life as Tim thinned out the crowd with the periodic help of Mathews shotgun blasts.

The End

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