Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 7Mature

Mackenzie looked up at him and through the lenses of the gasmask he could see that Alain was smiling wryly. “Smart ass.” he said, moving out of the driver seat.
“Ugh. Guys?” Tim inquired before popping off a round. “We’ve got company.”
Mackenzie moved up beside Tim and took aim with his M14, firing as soon as a dark humanoid shape darted across the living room floor.
The shape dropped to the floor and wailed from the gunshot wound.
“These ones are pretty fresh if they can still feel pain.” Tim said, firing a few more rounds as the shadowy figures darted in and out of their line of sight.
Mathew was on the other side of the door with his shotgun, waiting patiently for one to get near the “fatal funnel” of the doorway.
Alain had started the Expedition and was waving the others in. “Let’s get moving!” He closed the driver side door and put the transmission in to revers.
The other three piled in, Timothy and Mathew in the rear and Mackenzie riding shotgun.
Alain took the machine gun by the carrying handle and dropped it in Mackenzies lap. “Reload me co-pilot.” He said, with a hidden grin.”
“Cheers.” Mackenzie said, turning back to Mathews bag and digging into it for the last box of ammunition they had for the M249.
Alain looked up at the sun visor and noticed a garage door remote. He jokingly pressed the button.

The End

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