Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 6Mature

“Stack up.” Alain said, ignoring Tim. He placed himself beside the steel door and got ready as the others fell into place. He reached for the knob and tugged at it to no avail. “Breacher up.” he whispered.
Mathew made his way to the door, cocking the shotgun as he went, taking out two of the buckshot shells. When he got to the door he loaded two slugs and then turned to Alain and nodded his head.
“Your show man.” he replied.
Mathew raised his weapon to the top hinge of the door and fired. Even before the first pieces of the top hinge hit the floor, he had already dispatched the second one and was in the process of forcing his boot into the center of the door. As it flew backward Alain followed, stepping on it before it had completed its fall. Mackenzie and Tim were directly behind him, taking up their positions in the room as the dust settled from the shotgun blasts. Mathew came in last, walking nonchalantly as the silence of their weapons already told him the room was clear. Timothy and Alain turned and watched the doorway behind them. As they made their way inside, the garage door began to shake, the banging of an unknown number of infected tracking the noise they made when Mathew “unlocked” the door.
In the center of the garage was a maroon Expedition. Mathew made his way toward it and pulled on the handle. “Locked” He said. “Look for keys.”
“No time.” Mackenzie said, walking up to the window and thrusting the but of his rifle though it. He opened the door and sat in the driver seat. He used the but of his rifle again to break apart the housing around the steering column and then crouched down and got to work with the wires. “Looks like this might take some time.” he said.
Alain shook his head, just beside the door where he was watching for more infected, there was a set of keys laying on a shelf. He took them and made his way toward the passenger side of the S.U.V. He unlocked the door and sat in the passenger seat as Mackenzie ignored his presence and continued working with the housing of the steering column. Alain put the key in the ignition and looked down. “Hey Mack, why don’t you just hold down the break there so I can get this thing started.”

The End

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