Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 5Mature

“Not the best time Al.” Tim said as he took the machine gun back once again.
“Better time then any.” Mackenzie said as he slung his rifle and moved to Mathews back.
Mathew stood watch and stared intensely forward, his posture shifting to and from as Mackenzie dug into the bag.
By the time he had the first aid kit out and was kneeling beside him, Alain had already removed the majority of the glass that had embedded itself into his foot. He took a few moments to inspect the rest by flashlight before removing a few more shards with a pair of tweezers.
He took a small piece of bandage and turned to Alain, “Tell me if you feel a pull.”, he began lightly gliding the bandage over his foot. Although he picked up a lot of blood, Alain didn’t complain of any other shards of glass protruding from his foot. He took a larger piece afterward, cleaned and bandaged it as quickly as he could before helping Alain fit his now swelling foot into the boot. “You’ll be hurting for a while, but it’s better than losing it right?”
Alain frowned, “Any longer and I’m sure they would have torn it off.” he said, disgruntled, as he rose to his feet with a limp. “Alright.” he said, extending his hand toward Tim.
Tim looked at his hand with a pitiful stare and then returned his gaze to the machine gun. “Aww, man. Can’t I carry it for a while.”
“No.” Alain said, with bit of anger as he grabbed on to the carrying handle and pulled it out of Tims arms.
“Well you don’t have to be a dick about it.” Tim said, returning his rifle to the high ready once again.

The End

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