Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 4Mature

Mackenzie stacked up behind Alain and Timothy behind him. Mathew moved to the rear with his shotgun and squeezed Tim’s tricep. The motion follwed forward and once it reached Alain, the door flung open and the four rushed into the next room.
Within the span of seconds Alain had already communicated lowly that the next room was a hall way and the other three adjusted their movement accordingly, each taking one side of the hallway to ensure no backs were turned to a potential threat. Once the movement had stopped, there was a moment of silence and all four knew it was safe to move forward. To the right was a staircase and they moved toward it in the previous order, “big gun in the front.”
They made their way down the stairwell cautiously and found themselves into an open concept ground floor. This posed a serious problem as there was no real cover, however it also made it very easy to find the steel door that most likely lead to the attached garage.
Alain stopped and signaled to the others that they were moving in its directly. They automatically changed their formation to a makeshift diamond, Alain still in the front, while Mackenzie and Timothy took the sides and Mathew in the rear with the shotgun.
They crossed a dining area and made their way perpendicular to the kitchen. They dropped down a single step where the hardwood turned to ceramic tiles and Alain took sight of a shoe rack.
“Cover me.” He said as he put the machine gun down and took off his one sneaker. He rummaged through the shoes before finding a suitable pair of construction boots that looked like they would fit well enough. He slipped his left foot into a boot first, as the right was bleeding from having stepped on broken glass in the bedroom. “Tim, take the C9, I need to check my foot.”

The End

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