Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 3Mature

Alain began to rise, but just as he moved further than their reach, his shoes was ripped violently from his right foot.
Timothy stopped firing and was pulled into the room when Mackenzie and Alain were dragged past him.
All four lay on the glass littered carpet, gasping frantically for air.
“Again.” Alain said shaking his head. “Why am...” he said between deep breaths. “Why am I the only one who always loses footwear. Where’s that grenade we’ve been saving, I want to fucking drop it on them.”
“No.” Matty said. “I’m keeping that for special occasion.”
“Really, you got that occasion planned?”
“Maybe.” he replied, looking at him from the ground.
The crashing sound of a window breaking was heard below and as if it were a queue, all four of them rose quickly to their feet.
“Alright.” Mackenzie announced. “This isn’t going to be easy.”
“Is it ever?” Mathew said, walking past him.
Alain took his machine gun back from Timothy who reluctantly gave up the extra firepower and brandished his rifle. “Let’s try and keep quiet.” Alain said as he automatically took up his position near the door.
The four had cleared multiple buildings in the past, and although Mathew had not been in the military, it took him a very short time to learn his place in the equation that was fighting in built up areas.

The End

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