Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 2Mature

Tim’s eyes widened. “Ugh! Fuck!” He yelled, as he caught the machine gun by the red hot barrel. He quickly grabbed it by the carrying handle and ignored the pain for the moment. He pulled the stock into his shoulder and fired a bust but the stream of bullets ended abruptly. “Stoppage!” Tim yelled, flipping the feed cover over and ripping away the belt.
Alain had climbed up the electric meter and was halfway up the pole when the firing stopped. He turned his attention to the infected racing toward him, now unabated. “Fuck man, hurry the fuck up!” He yelled, struggling to climb the last bit of the pole that had no real leverage. “Give me a hand!” Alain said as the infected reached the base of the pole and began scratching at his feet. “Fuck!” He yelled fearfully.
Mackenzie leaned over window frame, Tim taking this opportunity to use his back as a rest for the bipod. “Take my hand.”
Alain reached up for Mackenzie and grasped his forearm. Just as he did so he lost grip of the pole and swung from it, hanging freely just below the window sill. His eyes were wide open, and he held his breath in fear as the infected fumbled with their fingertips at his feet.
Tim fired rounds into the ever growing mass of infected and hot brass fell into the room and down the back of Mackenzies pants. “Someone, help!” Mackenzie yelled, pulling as hard as he could on Alains arm.
Mathew turned from his watch on the door and latched on to Mackenzies legs just as he dipped forward and began to fall.
Alain dropped almost a whole foot. “Oh shit oh shit!” he exclaimed as the infected could finally grasp on to his feet with a full hand. “Pull damn it pull!” he screamed, while giving strong kicks to the heads of the infected in his range.
Mathew fell backward until he was sitting on the ground and then braced his legs against the wall. He pulled backward with both his arms and his legs, yelling from the sheer strain as he did so.

The End

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